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1939 Article on the Hebron Academy

Today’s Health article of September 1974 on one-room school houses featuring the Hebron Academy.

History of the Hebron Academy

Scenes of Hebron, NH (12.8 MB PDF file)

Historical Inventory of Hebron, NH

The Crosby papers

A History of John Ordway with his Genealogy
A link to the Sergeant John Ordway Commemorative website.

A Genealogical Study of 18th & 19th Century Hebron, NH

History of the Hebron Village Store

Early Officer Holders and Early Enactments

The story of Hebron’s Ralph Pike and his Violent Death

Hebron’s Connection to Portland, Oregon

Hebron’s Governor: Nathaniel S. Berry

The Story of the Steamboat Stella-Marion

The Story of the Mayhew Turnpike

The Hillside Inn Moose

Hebron Historical Society Gazette - Back Issues

    Index of Past HHS GAZETTE Articles, with Year, Topic & Author

    Year & Volume

    Article & Author

    Article & Author

    Article & Author

    Article & Author

    Article & Author


    Hebron Village Store - Dick Merrill

    Pratt Farm - (Fleming Home) - Flora Braley

    Hebron Historic Maps 1892


    2003 - Vol. 1 - #1

    John Ordway - Ron Collins

    Hebron Schools 1800’s - Ron Collins

    School Children Profiles 1936 - Ron Collins

    Weather, Cold Friday 1810 - Dick Merrill

    2003 - Vol. 1 - #2

    Pike’s Tavern (McClure’s) - Ron Collins

    Governor Nathaniel Berry - Ron Collins

    Hebron-Groton Baseball Team History - Norton Braley

    2004 - Vol. 2 #1

    Snow Records in Hebron - Norton Braley

    Skiing on Tenney Hill 1933 - Howard Oedel

    Richard Braley - Barbara Brooks

    Bea Dunklee - Barbara Brooks

    2004 - Vol. 2 #2

    Bud MacDougall - Barbara Brooks

    John Ball - Howard Oedel

    Alan Esty - Barbara Brooks

    Ralph Pike - Ron Collins

    2005 - Vol. 3 #1

    Isabelle Blodgett - Barbara Brooks

    Hebron Place Names - Roads, Streams, Hills - Ron Collins

    East Hebron Post Office - Barbara Brooks

    Hebron College Road - Ron Collins

    Town Office Holder Records - Ron Collins

    2005 - Vol. 3 #2

    Dick Merrill, Police Chief - Howard Oedel

    Community Quilts - Kathy Begor

    John Ordway - Ron Collins



    2006 - Vol. 4 #1

    Malcolm Brawn, Pilot and More - Barbara Brooks

    Cecil O. Davis - Howard Oedel

    Hebron Ancient History - Ron Collins


    2006 - Vol. 4 #2

    Senator Austin Franklin Pike - Ron Collins

    The Braley Road - Norton Braley

    Sgt. John Ordway Statue - Ron Collins

    Foster Fraser McClelland - Howard Oedel

    Sleepy Hollow - Barbara Brooks

    2007 - Vol. 5 #1

    Evan Bartlett - Ron Collins

    Six Chimneys (McClure’s Tavern) - Ron Collins & Juli Pruden

    Dr. Abijah Wright - Ron Collins

    Origins of several NE Folk Expressions - Ron Collins

    2007 - Vol. 5 #2

    Hebron Veteran’s Tribute - Barbara Brooks

    Enos Ferrin - Ron Collins

    Hebron Academy - Ron Collins


    2008 - Vol. 6 #1

    Abolitionists in Hebron - Ron Collins & Don Towle

    Hebron Cemeteries - Ron Collins

    Deborah Ball Powers - Howard Oedel


    2008 - Vol. 6 #2

    Hebron Fair History - Kathy Begor

    Flora Braley - Barbara Brooks

    Captain Uriah Pike



    2009 - Vol. 7 #1

    John Ball on Slavery - Howard Oedel

    Rodney Adams’ Murder - Ron Collins

    Fishing in Newfound Lake - Ron Collins

    2009 - Vol. 7 #2

    A Snapshot of the Life of Howard Oedel by Ron Collins

    Old Home Day by Barbara Brooks

    Hebron History Word Search. How well do you know Hebron?

    History of Newfound Lake Marina by Doug McQuilkin

    2010 - Vol. 8 #1

    Mary Pillsbury Weston (1817-1894) by Ron Collins

    Old Home Day, continued from July, 2009 Gazette By Barbara Brooks

    The Settlement of Hebron by Ron Collins

    Cockermouth-Hebron in the Revolutionary War by Ron Collins

    An Early Flood by Ron Collins

    2010 - Vol. 8 #2

    Memories of a Hebron Landmark – Ron Collins, Kathy begor

    Remembering the Morse Buildings by Alfred Affronti - former owner

    Morse Homestead History—An Interview with Howard Oedel, Morse Family Neighbor—March 4, 2010  by Barbara Brooks and Kathy Begor

    An Email Note From Yvonne Affronti

    Locating the Morse Family Roots in Hebron by Howard Oedel

    2011-Vol. 9 #1

    The Uriah Pike House - An interview with Howard Oedel, property owner, by Kathy Begor and Barbara Brooks on August 23, 2010.

    A Tribute to Nelson Adams




    2011-Vol. 9 #2

    The Audubon Society of New Hampshire in Hebron - A History by Doug McQuilkin

    Carrot Wine

    Camp Onaway’s First 100 years - Part 1


    2012-Vol. 10#1

    East Hebron Farmers 1790-1886 by Barbara Brooks

    Camp Onaway's First 100 Years - Part 2



    2012-Vol. 10#2

    Farmers: Encompassing the Years 1838-1917 by Barbara Brooks

    Camp Onaway's First 100 Years - Part 3

    Plymouth's Boy Scout Statue and Hebron by Howard Oedel

    2013-Vol. 11#1

    Camp Onaway's First 100 Years - Conclusion by Willa Lucarelli



    2013-Vol. 11#2

    HEBRON COUNTRY DANCE 1939 by Richard M. Traunstein

    Do You Recognize These Long Time Hebron Residents ???

    Besmirched in Death – A longtime insult now corrected by Ron Collins

    History of the Hebron Academy by Ron Collins

    2014-Vol. 12#1

    MERRILL’S CAMPGROUND by Barbara Brooks

    Merrill's Campground ConƟnued ‐ The Story of Robert and Priscilla Liptrot

    FLORA REMINISCES with Ron Collins

    Jewell Acres by David and Mavis Brittelli

    2014-Vol. 12#2

    Merrill's Campground by Bob Wisniewski



    2015-Vol. 13#1

    Hebron Academy Memories

    Tales of Merrill's Campground by Donald Hermance

    History of the Hebron Town Meeting by Ron Collins

    2015-Vol. 13#2


    Some Memories of Merrill's Campground by Pat Dubrueil



    2016-Vol. 14#1

    The Life and Times of Elizabeth Blood by David Brittelli

    Reminiscences about the Neighborhood in East Hebron 70 Years Ago by Howard Oedel

    2016-Vol. 14#2

    Hebron and the Tory John Fenton by David Brittelli

    East Hebron School Days with Grace Adams Peart by Barbara Brooks

    200  Years Ago - the Year without a Summer by Ronald Collins

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